Nginx just became the most used web server among the top 1000 websites

The Russian Nginx has a reputation of being a fast and reliable web server. High traffic sites all over the world increasingly choose it as the foundation of their web presence.

Nginx is used by almost two-thirds of all sites in Russia, and it is also the most popular web server in Ukraine, Belarus, Kyrgyzstan and Kazakhstan, as well as within the adult .xxx top level domain. It is the number two server on a very long list of domains, including Germany and the European Union.

The recent dip in the overall popularity chart of Nginx is caused by the expansion of our sample size, Nginx is actually gaining at all popularity levels. It is now used by 14.2% of all sites, up from 3.6% in 2009.

Looking at the technology change report, we see that Nginx is gaining from all other web servers, mostly from Apache. However, that chart also shows significant transitions in the other direction. Webmasters are flexible nowadays.

Nginx users are relatively swift in adopting new versions. Two month after the release of version 1.4 it is already used by more than 10% of Nginx installations. Other web servers struggle much more to convince their users to upgrade, see for example the corresponding Apache chart.

Nginx is faster than its main competitors when it comes to make use of new technologies, such as IPv6 or SPDY. Only Google Servers do better here, but those servers are only run by Google itself and not by thousands of individual webmasters, which makes a big difference.

95.4% of Nginx sites are using PHP, much more than average. But Nginx is also very popular among Ruby users, with a 44.4% usage rate among sites using that language. 98.7% of all Nginx installations run on a Unix-like operating system, with Debian, Ubuntu and Gentoo being particularity popular choices.

11 years after its initial deployment on the Russian Rambler website, Nginx has reached a very significant milestone, and we are confident it has even more in store in the future.

Please note, that all trends and figures mentioned in that article are valid at the time of writing. Our statistics are updated frequently, and these trends and figures are likely to change over time.

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