Comparison of technical features between VPS and Cloud VPS common

This article will help you have more information, more detailed comparisons between VPS and Cloud VPS normal.

1 VPS and Cloud VPS different how?
VPS (Virtual Private Server) virtual server: the server runs as a shared resource from a physical server. Server virtualization is formed through a method of partitioning physical servers into multiple different virtual servers. Each virtual server can run its own operating system, CPU, memory, hard drive storage … with full management features and highest use separate configuration.
Cloud VPS is a virtual server is deployed on a cloud platform, operating on multiple connected different physical servers. This allows you to have instant access to an unlimited supply, traditional hosting environment resources are often limited to a physical server. Your cost is determined by the number of Node resource includes your choice of CPU, RAM, storage space and monthly bandwidth.
VPS Cloud VPS so than usual place?
a) High Availability.
The common VPS hosted on one physical server, so if there is a problem with this server, the VPS will be affected.
As for the cloud VPS, the VPS was hosted on 1 network of multiple physical servers, one should assume the host is dressed in VPS server that the server is unavailable, the VPS that self be transferred to the host on the other machines in the system 1. This ensures ready for VPS.
b) convenient to manage.
The common VPS services currently provided to most customers only account admin or root access to remote clients. Tasks such as startup, backup, reinstall the OS, the client must send a request to the service provider. There are free workplace but also a place charged. Generally, customers are not proactive.
Also on VPS cloud, providing customers account portal, customers can proactively start, shut down, backup, reinstall OS from image above is available in local or system. Customers will be active in all situations.
c) flexible scalability.
The common VPS hosted on one single server, the VPS customers looking to upgrade, if that server resources are still okay, but if the server is out of resources to reserves, the upgrade will break VPS paragraph 1 period, but not much.
As for the VPS cloud storage resources is very much and always willing to upgrade the VPS, the allocation is also very quick.
With these outstanding features, the VPS cloud service providers is the current trend of the provider and also the trend of customer choice.

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