21 Linux commands to remember

These are the basic commands to anyone wanting to learn about Linux needs to remember.

clear: cleaning the Terminal
ls tenthumuc: list the contents within a folder
cat tentaptin: show the contents of a file on the command line window
rm tentaptin: Delete a file
cp taptinnguon taptindich: copying a file
passwd: Changing password
less tentaptin or more tentaptin: show the contents of a file in the command line window one page every time
grep tentaptin Tejas: search for strings in files
head tentaptin: show 10 first line of file
tail tentaptin: 10 displays the last line of the file
tentaptinmoi tentaptincu mv: moving or renaming files
tentaptin file: displays information about the contents of the file
echo Tejas: copy the string to the command line
date: displays the current date and time
gzip tentaptin: Compress a file
gunzip tentaptin: unzip a file
chmod quyen tentaptin: change file permissions
tenthumuc mkdir: create a folder
tenthumuc rmdir: Delete an empty directory
ln new-existingfile link: Create a path to a file (hard link)
top: displays the list of running processes

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