Login tutorial VPS using PuTTY (Windows)

After you get a VPS, the first task you need to do is connect with VPS to install the necessary applications. In this article I will guide you to use the software on a Windows PuTTY to login to VPS.

Must first understand the concept of SSH, what is it?

SSH is a secure mechanism to help encode information on the transmission between server and client. Therefore, to avoid the connection between you with server from hackers drawn then we will use the software to use the SSH protocol. In this example the article is PuTTY.

ssh protocol
To install and use PuTTY on Windows

First you download the software from this link. After running, the software interface will be like below:


1. in the Host Name (or IP address), you enter the server IP. Port Defaults to 22 (information port by server)

2. Connection type to SSH, and then click Open.

3. A confirmation window appears, click Yes to continue

4. Next you enter username and password root account. When you enter the password will not show any characters you should you enter carefully. If false will be asked to enter your pass.

5. If the login is successful will have the Welcome message appears.

PuTTY is a simple tool to help you manage the VPS so no more functionality at all. Personally I prefer to use ZOC Terminal program over, will introduce to you in the next article.

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