How to create email domain with yandex – Config and how to use

Yandex is known as a google of Russia, the company was founded in 1997 and has many similar services such as Google: Maps, mail, online language translation, drive …. After google and microsoft stop providing free email service domain, the Yandex a lot of people around the world look to as an alternative. Domain email hosting services of Yandex very good quality, very fast speed, with full support for IMAP, SMTP and POP3 so you can receive and send email using the email management software on the PC and phone. Also for each domain, you can create 1000 users, each user to own mailbox with 10 GB capacity – Excellent for individuals and small companies who want to save money to buy the domain email hosting.

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The creation of the domain email Yandex previously quite difficult for people who do not use Russian as the registration page only Russian language. But now, the register, create and config was a lot easier when Yandex has English version.

I’ve received numerous emails and comments on your request VPSSIM.COM more integrated into VPSSIM email server, but I think the use of their own email server is not recommended. Problem management, security for email server is not simple, complex and difficult later if trouble VPS loss of data or when you want to reinstall or transfer VPS VPS providers. So, in addition to using email hosting services for free, if you want to use the email domain, you should register in the e-mail service provider for domain hosting, current prices are not too expensive.

In this article, I will guide you how to install your own email domain in Yandex and how to configure email on silent. With illustrations small, difficult to see, please click on the picture to see more clearly.

1. Register to create an account Yandex

 Registration is simple, you sign up here:
When I registered, Yandex can send your activation code to enter his phone number but do not know where to enter the code?
Perhaps entered code is not complete with a number of foreign Russia (Yandex Maybe new English version should not complete this function)
2. Log on Yandex domain admin and add your domain

After signing up for it, you go to bottom then log on Yandex. Next you add your domain.

First, we visit the following link:

huong dan tao tai khoan email domain mien phi

after logging in, you add your domain as shown below:

huong dan tao tai khoan email domain mien phi voi yandex 2

3. Validate that your domain (domain Verify Ownership)

After you add the domain, you need to validate that your domain. Yandex give you two options for authentication domain: Upload the file to the root of the domain ( I) and use CNAME ( II)

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I. The authenticity by upload file:

You create a file named (1) content (2) and upload the file to the root folder of the main domain. With VPS using VPSSIM then upload to /home/

done this way takes more time, but the results can be faster by a second DNS domain can update later.

II. The authentication by CNAME

You create a CNAME value in the management of the DNS domain value (3) and point to (4).

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4. Install the parameter domain MX MX record Setup

After completing the authentication domain. You must install the MX record for the value of your domain. Then click Verify MX record. If the installation is successful, you will see something like (3).

The value of the MX domain as shown below:
huong dan tao tai khoan email domain mien phi voi yandex 6

Subdomain name: @

Server: (phải có dấu (.) ở cuối)

Mail type: MX

Priority : 10


5. Create an email account for your domain

After successful installation MX for the domain value. Now you can create and email account. You can create up to 1000 accounts, 10 GB of storage per account. If 1000 is not enough, you can request additional Yandex. And of course, this number is still free email plus offline!

Later, if you want to add another email account, please access the link:

Login with Yandex account => My Domains ==> Add mailbox to create your domain email account.

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6. Direct Link login email

Visit the following link to go to the login email:

If you want to create a memorable, use the link below two ways.

7. Create a login link

Create a CNAME value as follows:

  • Subdomain name: mail
  • Record type: CNAME
  • Data:

mail instead of by value you want. Once created, the path will be logged in


8. Create a login form on website

You use the following code and replace with your domain


9. Log email on Android phones

On andoid you install software Yandex Mail. Log on to the information email:

Password: password you choose


10. Log in email management software email

Install enable IMAP, SMTP in the form:
huong dan tao tai khoan email domain mien phi voi yandex 9

On the silents email management software, your config according to the information below:


Port: 993 with SSL enebled


Port: 465 with SSL enabled

Their use Debian and icedove software. Config as follows:

huong dan tao tai khoan email domain mien phi voi yandex 11

Wish you success.

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