Installation use memcached for Magento

So far I only know using WordPress with the plugin W3 Total Cache to use memcached is very quick and efficient. However, I recently received a project installed and optimized server run Magento seems to memcached worked with Magento also had considerable difficulty. If you are using Magento and want to use memcached to cache backend shall refer to it.


The first step you need to install memcached as successful, now I have detailed instructions to install Memcached on CentOS 6. If you follow this guide to install the PHP Module step runs out.

Next, open the/app/etc/local.xml configuration file and add the following lines to the tag


< cache_dir/>
< hashed_directory_level/>
< hashed_directory_umask/>
< file_name_prefix/>
11211 1

So is Magento has been active with Memcached here, which you can check by scripts in the post how to install Memcache.

The first visit, you may see an error message like the following:

There has been an error processing your request
Currency ‘ USD ‘ not found

Simply delete all files in the folder var/cache, var/reports and var/locks, and then F5 is everything will work stable.

Note to add is that Magento run very consuming CPU, so if you use required to install 1 opcode cache for example Zend OPcache.

Wish you success.

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