Installation instructions Kloxo – MR on CentOS 6.4

Kloxo hosting management software is free but pretty full no less than Cpanel.
Kloxo MR is an alternative version of Kloxo and been ramadhan Mustafa developed separately, the letter MR is free off from author name Mustafa ramadhan. Kloxo MR. not only corrects the errors of the many additions that Kloxo features, such as the switch to run the web server Nginx & can install on CentOS 6.
Installation instructions KloxoMR
Chuấn before installing
CentOS server not installed anything new, here I use CentOS 64 bit 6.4.
Update CentOS
yum update-y
Install some package needed
yum install yum-utils yum-priorities vimminimal subversion curl zip unzip-y
yum install telnet wget-y
Disable Selinux & check status of Seli on server
setenforce 0
echo SELINUX = disabled >/etc/selinux/config
Install KloxoMR
Download repo to install no need for 6.5.0. c and after
RPM-ivh mratwork-release-0.0.1-1.noarch.rpm
yum update mratwork-release
yum install-y kloxomr
After installation is successful, you will receive information as below:
_/ _/
_/Congratulations. Kloxo MR has been installed succesfully as ‘ MASTER _/
_/ _/
_/You can connect to the server at: _/
_/https://<ip-address>:7777 – secure ssl connection, or _/
_/http://<ip-address>:7778 – normal one. _/
_/ _/
_/The login and password are ‘ diamond and ‘ diamond for new install. _/
_/After Logging in, you will have to change your password to _/
_/something more secure. _/
_/ _/
_/– Better reboot for fresh install _/
_/– Run ‘ sh/script/make-slave ‘ for change to ‘ SLAVE ‘ _/
-Reboot lại server
-Đăng nhập bằng link http://<ip-address>:7778 dùng user/pass là admin/admin rồi đổi lại pass