Fill the file hosting service

Create a PHP script that will fill all the free disk space hosting a variety of files and folders. In order to prevent or complicate the process of recover deleted files from there earlier. In General, zatiraem marks, after we there “pohuleganili” and minimize the number of clues.

After a long gugleniâ, was found one php script “Zaserâ”.

Run it in a folder, which you can set the write and execute permissions (chmod 777)

The script itself:

Witness the increasingly growing number of files and are happy to …

Ideally, of course, to finalize the following functionality:
-To teach him how to create files with varying amounts of indiscriminate content inside. White noise and similar sources would fit here perfectly.
-Teach it to overwrite files created for a specified number of times.

P.s. Script should only be used when you have no other access to the server, but FTP. If you have a SSH access, then use the finished tools that remove all the data from the server in multiple passes.
P.S.S. of course it does not erase the server logs, which recorded that you previously recorded files with that name on the server. This script will help you only if your files that you have already removed, contained information which should catch the eye of those who may be interested in you. Also it does not protect you if the server created backups and you don’t have access to them.