Loss of data

I want you to tell your story.

And maybe my post even whether it will save from the same učesti.

My story:
Half a year ago (or more specifically, 23/10/2011) on a server that I rent at FastVPS down one of the two disks, I contacted the support team, I have replaced the first one, zazerkalili, is then told that the second, too, must change, were replaced by the second, zazerkalili. In General, by the evening of the next day was already back in the ranks with new (as I thought) to disk.

After a while, I caught the eye of an article on some of the SEO forums. It said that in DC Hetzner replace non-working discs on the same old “reconditioned”, vydernutye from other servers.

You should have put a smart and check the status of disks on all servers, and remote data already set up-I thought. thought and successfully scored on that thing.

until average night, nothing foretold trouble. Sit, write code … try to save … Horseradish… again, try to … Horseradish… update the directory in ftp client to … None Of … Beowulf Is. … only folders, not a single file …

Try to open the ISPmanager Control Panel to … does not appear to …

Try to go to the SSH … writes create/symlink failed, no free inodes and the console is. …

Go to the billing, sending server to a soft reset of … wait 20 minutes, not goes away …

Send to hard reset to … Gone … I am waiting for half an hour … Don’t Come Back ((To …

I am writing in support, explain the situation …

Are similar to the following:
Downloaded in the rescue. The problem with the disks. Do you have any data?
I was alarmed, they used data did not ask about…

Then they sent one disk replacement. When the assembled array, said that there are errors in the fstab options userquota and groupquota and required required to fsck, possible loss of data.

Agreed …

On the following day. Behold, they have done something and the server work.

But the opening of the first-same site on it, has put me in shock. As if dipped in the past, or rather Thursday. Apparently it was the day when one of the disks in the RAID just stopped working, but the server kept on working as if nothing had happened.

Then write to them that they have to return the drive, this is not relevant. I say pay 69 euro and connect back.

Because most choices I didn’t have to pay, I am waiting for a positive result …

However not so … After a long wait, I say, “After reboots FS on the disks is damaged.”

At that point I didn’t really matter the way drives, but already knew that something my repair very long and expect something good already and probably not worth it.

The next day I got from them two links to archives with all files from disks.
In the first archive the files were for 19 January, in the second pressing. But in another apparent missed files. The current archive is surviving only a quarter of all files.

Then they offered the following:
“redeem the BROKEN disk for 250 euros with delivery” (and it is a regular sata II 750 GB.)
I immediately remembered article, which discussed about the fact that Hetzner replaces the drives on the recovered.

However, I considered this option. Naguglil a couple of major offices, data recovery, sent them a letter, which described the situation.
This is what I replied to one of them:

Hello, Leonid!
Unfortunately, after fsck, in most cases, simply do nothing.
Theoretically you can try. But, as practice shows, in such
cases there is very little you can do.

But it is strange that Datacenter overlooked the failure of the first disk
actually nailed your data manually and another for dead disk tries to
money gain.
I think if the impossibility of recovery will lead to great losses of your
the company, then there is no reason not to sue them in court. Forensic examinations
in Europe, pretty much, Yes, and the situation is simple and straightforward.

Sincerely, Valery Pyankov.

Of course, Sue, I did not intend to. To FastVPS I have no claims as this is just a middleman. Their support has made all of them depended. Here’s my only upset Hetzner quality iron.

But Hetzner offers services commensurate with their cost. And because the cost is low, the quality of services will be on a similar level.

Given that there have been more than 100 sites. Each add the lost files, replace the corrupted, append to … in General, work there for half a year, and even more … FREE OF … and live on that?…

While clients yesterday began to ring, and find out what’s out there with their sites. Saying that soon everything will work to … But now, you can see that does…

That’s such a sad story …

FastVPS provides 100 GB of space on their FTP server-not just so. Don’t be lazy and configure copying backups there. If I had this taken care of, all this could be avoided.

If the support service offers you to remediate the fsck utility, some times think, are you ready to lose some of the data may be celesoobrazne