HOWTO: debian configure network

How do I set up your network.
Provider: Jsc “Volgatelecom
Internet (ADSL)
Modem: Huawei MT880
Officers threw a wire up to my apartment, in a room to me.
Put a phone socket for inserting RJ11 connector.
Then connected the splitter into the wall going into the set with the modem to the splitter connected the phone and modem options (from splitera are two wires with RJ11 connectors).
In the modem into the connector Ethernet RJ45 connector cable is inserted and connected the other end to the computer’s NIC (RJ45 connector at the back of the system unit)
It’s time to configure.
Of all the methods chosen most convenient.
Opened the browser, to access the modem to configure it, switched on at
The admin login and password (in other brands of modems can be capitalized by Admin)
Under WAN Settings configured connection
pointed out the username and password (obtained from provider)
indicated the vpi and vci (the provider)
the extra connection removed
See DHCP DHCP enabled
Under DNS pointed out two DNS provider (the provider)
In the Save section & Reboot
Choose Save and clicked Submit (save settings)
then Reboot and clicked Submit chose (restart the modem).
In this method, the configuration in Debian should not be changed (the default settings are appropriate for the network).
Also previously used the modem Intercross, it connects longer and breaks the connection at times, and Huawei MT880 connects quickly and rarely breaks the connection.
We have already purchased a switch through a hole in the wall in another room Internet (for guests when come to your place, or for me with the NetBook when guests sit outside my stationary computer).
Additional cables bought and asked to press (hook connectors) in a computer store.
Connection with pppoe connection
(among the providers know the CPD, net11). Different connecting cable network directly to the network card.
1. install package
Code: [Select]

2. Set up a connection

Here nothing is sophisticated, agree with everything.
3. If you have chosen not to connect at once, there are commands:

for the connection

to disconnect the network
P.s. should note that after this configuration work network-manager will not. To zarabatal, it is necessary to remove all the lines except

from/etc and restarts
* the # sign in the command indicates that the command is run as root
Connect to your service provider m-Telecom VPN
1. What do we need? Debian
sudo aptget install ppp
you will ask for a password because sudo is a model admin commands and write the password that you use when you log in. then everything would be clear)), now select pptp-linux
at the command prompt, enter this
sudo aptget install pptp-linux
now the time had come to set up =)
to make sure that the network work ping the vpn: gateway: I have this if you have another such as enter it for this email from the command line
If the ping was then we need to enter the dns vpn routers in our dns and vpn network one do so
sudo ip-e a via # if you have ip 192.168.6 *. 1 enter it later on the example of and you will always to enter your
Next, we need to remove the default routes
sudo route del default
to make sure that all successful write
will be similar to this
Code: [Select]

Next we need to create a script to run the Internet type in this
sudo gedit/etc/ppp/peers/mt or (sudo nano/etc/ppp/peers/mt)
will a text pad where you enter and podredaktirujte under the
Code: [Select]

Click Save and exit then we need to raise the VPN will inscribe on the command line
sudo pppd call mt debug nodetach
will be similar to this
Code: [Select]

If all goes well then open another command prompt and enter this
ifconfig should go something like this
Code: [Select]

well now you’re on the Internet and to your Internet saw hosts (i.e., sites) it is necessary to specify default route
sudo route add default dev ppp0
to make sure that everything is OK propinguem something like
Code: [Select]

well here you see that the ping goes click cntl + c that ping left off and if want to go n number of times such as only three lines of the email
Code: [Select]

will you now know that as))
Next, disable the Internet write in command line
sudo poff mt
Now you have to edit a few files to add all routes
sudo gedit/etc/ppp/ip-up
and to write there
Code: [Select]

Press cntrl + s i.e. save then exit the editor gedit is a program the way type Notepad in windows, we enter sudo gedit if it doesn’t then can use the nano it works in console mode
sudo gedit/etc/ppp/ip-down or (sudo nano/etc/ppp/ip-down)
Code: [Select]

keep going
now turn on the Internet command sudo pon mt and to disable sudo poff mt
that’s it that’s all I hope you will understand: wink: if not then post here