Installing proprietary drivers for NVidia cards in Debian 6.0

Attention! The driver from the official repository supports video cards under 6xxGT and are at least version GTX6xx. If you have a newer graphics card, install the driver from the official site or repository If you have an older video card install legacy-driver from the repository
First of all connect the branch non-free, which succeeded in/etc/apt/sources.list “non-freeshould be appended to the source
for example,
Quote Deb squeeze main contrib non-free


Then follow the instructions


The driver can be installed in two ways.


The first way


Install and configure:


and run the automatic configuration of X:

Restart X or reboot and everything should work. For more fine tuning can type command

The kernel module will be compiled and will probably be rebuilt automatically when you install or uninstall new cores in the system.


Forcibly (if for example doesn’t work) you can make peresobrat′sâ like this:

The second way


Removing previous drivers installed via the “additional driver package in the system to avoid errors in the Terminal:


Download the latest drivers from the nVidia official website (something like:
Set required to install additional packages:

Open file: blacklist’a

Add the modules free drivers:

blacklist vga16fb
blacklist nouveau
blacklist rivafb
blacklist nvidiafb
blacklist rivatv

Ending your session. Switch to text console Ctrl + Alt + F1, enter the user name and password (go under your account). Stop XServer:

(Note: depending on the DE can be installed different display managers: kdm in KDE, gnome, lightdm gdm3 and slim case ispol′zovkaniâ WM without DE. Please choose your option and replace * dm team.)


Run the driver Installer (from the directory where you saved) as root:


Restart X Server: