Installing MySQL, PHP and PHP-FPM under Debian linux

Installing MySQL:


Download PHP and PHP-FPM patch (select php-fpm0.6 ~ 5.2. patch or command line wget
Unpack the php from the archive

Patčim php

Here are having big problemsafter running, but does not print out anything like you. It turned out, forgot < write.
Next, install php

Specify the configuration settings

Had to play around with libxml, zlib, libjpeg, libpng, mysql, libmcrypt unix socket

Next vozimsâ with libevent (because of the minimum version Libevent writes > = 1.4.3 could not be found.):

Then download the new libevent and install:

(see this article)
In the end everything is/usr/local/lib/php/(/usr/local/bin/CLIbinary).
Left to write php-fpm in startup (I has managed without creating symbolic links):

(see Create a symbolic link in linux).
When you type php-fpm start swears [ERROR] fpm_unix_conf_wp (), line 114: cannot get the gid for group nobody , ‘ pool ‘ default, you need to try to create a “nobody:

Like everything.
Config file is in the/etc/php-fpm.conf, the logs are written in/var/log/php-fpm.log, AiDi of the parent process is here/var/run/ Php installed here/usr/local/include/php.
Useful links on this topic:
Official wiki
FAQ on building php on debian
came across an article by installing PHP-FPM on Debian packages maybe someone will need
3 more Funk for installing and configuring the ligament nginx + php-fpm 1, 2 and 3 (for freeBSD).
By the way, long draw text box after all konfigurirovalos′:
“Thank you for using PHP.
Notice: the Following unknown configure options were used:
The case was the forgotten key patch-d php5.2.11p1 < php-fpm0.6 ~ 5.2. patch