The problem of choice. Select VPS VDS is based on OpenVZ.

Article doesn’t correspond to the subject of the blog. However, more often than not, I decide that people who do not know how to choose the VPS. Over the past 2 weeks is already 4 people wrote to look there. Funny. Summer, all hosters apparently have ofigevat′ =)
The title is a OpenVZ containers cannot be called a VPS (virtual private server). This is just a VPS. Private server. Just trying to make friends with Google =)
About OpenVZ talk a lot. In most that based on OpenVZ VPS in any case you cannot buy, for the problems and so Boo-Boo-Boo. Oh well, flag in hand, and trolls, I will try and tell how the same still choose VPS based on OpenVZ.
First, let’s list all advantages of OpenVZ compared with other virtualization technologies. OpenVZ is cheap. Everything. Subjective pros finished.
If the same judge objectively — that is, the probability that the OpenVZ is easy, simple, šustr and such. But it’s only good ones. How to find them, we‘ll talk.
Restrict the scope of OpenVZ grips are just hosting, but with clearly limited resources. No game servers, VPN servers, no no trafikogeneriruûŝih applications. Only websites, email and fajlopomojka.
The first and most important issue that we have to find out what memory is limited by the hoster. If it is VIRTturned around and leaving. Yes, MasterHost. We are with you in pofludili however, the chic but go Ka you in the ass. Still not born yesterday and know that effectively limit and what is not. Well, yes it’s your worries.
So. One more time. For opinionated. If hoster gives VIRT memory is run without looking back. You get an eerie hemorrhoids with configuring the system. If you do not feel the gemmoroj one day you stop forkat′sâ processes. It is possible that and restart VPS you can not. VIRT memory is reserved by a memory (and swap and real). Each process apača2 reserves in 10 times more than actually consumes. You can set up, but you don’t need to the problem with memory it does not solve.
If the test is available in VPS-perfectly. If not, ask your friend to do the following in the vpske of the selected host. Go and perform 4 simple steps:
1) write memory in the console. If the command is not found, it is good. If you will be shown how much you eat processor and memory, close the console and never go to the site of the host.
2) open the htop (tykaem and cifer′, or top 1 on your keyboard). Virtual processor should be in number 1 unit”. If they are at least 2turned around and leaving. Any admin not asilil correctly configure distribution of CPUs, or use one of the rednecks out there add-ins for virtualization. In General, there is nothing to do there.
3) pv/dev/zero/root/1. > Do not forget to install the pv. If you get 10 MB/c + — that is very well. Approximate disk write.
4/root/1 > pv/dev/null) 20 MB/c + is a good idea. Ideally, at least 40. Disk read.
Network speed, think for yourself check. If you do not know how to do it using rtorrent. Only hands off, and then promptly banned.
Do not forget that the test VDS give new or empty servers to … Ask the server or rent for as much as possible short time … or just ask whether if that money back if you don’t like it. Here are your thing, as reader to test VDSov on real servers.
You can ask the host what bar he uses on the host servers. If the vdsmanager (from ispsystem) do not pass by. There are good defaults, especially if hoster does not oversellit. If parallels is studying with care. In most cases these Vdsslag. But there are also some interesting instances.
Set the sensitive issue hoster about overselling. If hoster chose OpenVZhe oversellit in 99% of cases. The normal rate of oversella is 1520%. Unfortunately, we can’t check and will not have to rely only on the honesty of the hoster. Or for insider info =)
It would be a good idea if you get information on the following characteristics of the kmemsize, lockedpages: VPSov, tcpsndbuf, tcprcvbuf, privvmpages, numproc, numfile, diskinodes
These characteristics are quite understandable language described in reg.
Kopipastit′ will not, can go to their website. Stick with these characteristics to the principle of “the more the better.
Google hits can be found in-depth descriptions of these characteristics. Maybe, somehow, not polenûs′ and will write.
Will try to write more about how to correctly configure the OpenVZ.
And finally, better still take the KVM or VDS dedicated server