Redis install on CentOS 7/6

Redis is born, not only support cache format the keys/values, such as Memcached, but also supports tags. Therefore, when using Redis, Magento system speed improved up a lot by not having to save a cache on your hard drive that are all to be moved off up the memory.
Installation instructions for Redis
To Redis would work with Magento, we will need to install the Redis server along with the extension PhpRedis to PHP can connect to the Redis.
1. Add the repo epel, remi

2. install the Redis and PhpRedis extension


Redis-running and automatically restarts when boot

Check the Redis

1. Check Redis server

If the result of PONG is ok
2. Check back PhpRedis extension


If the result of redis is ok
3. Redis shell tools
Redis default install with a comment that rediscli
After the launch of Redis you can use some command like:
  • FLUSHALL – clear all databases
  • SELECT # – select database under index #
  • FLUSHDB – empty currently selected database
  • KEYS * – list all keys from currently selected