DigitalOcean added the ability to use CoreOS

Just the day before yesterday DigitalOcean announced the possibility of using the pre-image CoreOS.

On assurances DigitalOcean their integration with the alpha version CoreOS provide mobile and web developers to use zaiteresovannyh Docker, easiest and fastest way to release applications and experiments with containers. In CoreOS docker-containers may start within milliseconds, providing unprecedented flexibility in managing the load on the cluster droplets. Among the extra buns – automatic update, automatic infusion network and Local Integration with etcd.
In this DigitaOcean released several articles on the launch and configure CoreOS:

For those unfamiliar with CoreOS say that CoreOS – a distribution Linux, which is specially designed to provide the infrastructure based container Docker with the ability to combine multiple machines in a cluster, and migration between nodes. To ensure the cluster is used etcd and fleetctl.

For those who are interested in CoreOS cite a number of links:

site CoreOS
documentation CoreOS
their account on GitHub

I have tried to expand the image and ran into some problems.
After that, on the initiative of the service desk ticket was formed.

It turns out that for CoreOS not need to use root-access and they will soon be cut off to reset the password for the root-droplet-based CoreOS. Be sure to use the access key as well as a user to specify «core».