How do I know the size of all the user mailboxes in Microsoft Exchange 2010

It often happens that you need to know the size of all mailboxes mail server Microsoft Exchange. This is easily done by typing in the Exchange Management Shell:
Get-Mailbox | Get-MailboxStatistics | sort TotalItemSize -desc | FT DisplayName, TotalItemSize | Out-File c: \ report.txt

The result of the team will have a file c: \ report.txt with the following data:
DisplayName TotalItemSize
———– ————-
Name 9.439 GB (10,135,492,635 bytes)
Name 6.166 GB (6,620,652,878 bytes)
Name 5.817 GB (6,245,690,361 bytes)
Name 5.391 GB (5,789,069,894 bytes)