How to boot into single user mode (Single Mode) in Linux CentOS

In this article you will learn how to boot into single user mode (Single Mode) on Linux as an example CentOS. This can be useful for system recovery. It is also used to reset the password for root or any other user.

1. Look at the name of the kernel on your system:
# Uname -r

2. Remember.
3. Reboot the system.
4. At the beginning of loading you need to press any key to interrupt the boot process and take it over.
5. Select the used kernel and press e. In the next window, select the line starts with kernel and press e again.
6. At the end of the lines of the form “grub edit> kernel /vmlinuz- ro root = UUID LANG = en_US.UTF-8 SYSFONT = latarcyrheb-sun16 KEYBOARDTYPE = pc KEYTABLE = dvorak rd_NO_DM” append through the gap single. Press “Enter” and the following menu press b, that is boot.
7. Now loading occurred in single-user mode.
8. Check that we are in this mode:
# / Sbin / runlevel

Letter S will confirm.

Next download will occur normally.