Debian, Ubuntu, LAMP (linux + apache + php + mysql). Very fast way. Part 1.

This article is an article of the series “Installing LAMP on Debian / Ubuntu – very fast way»

Today pondered feature of my life. On average I install LAMP once a day. For the experiments, according to orders, at the request of friends … well often.

Lamp I put a single command:
Debian: ~ # aptitude update && aptitude upgrade && aptitude install apache2 php5 libapache2-mod-php5 mysql-server mysql-client php5-mysql phpmyadmin

In the course of installation, you have to ask the password from mysql root’a phpmyadmin and ask for the established web-servers (select apache2 arrows and press spacebar, then enter).

Before executing this command in Ubuntu do sudo su
Why I do not use tasksel to the lamp? And it is still buggy. The forums are still born posts species “put through the tasksel, nothing works.”

Well, yes ….
Now at http: // server_ip must be white page with the words «It works!». Phpmyadmin hiding at http: // server_ip / phpmyadmin. If something is not – well, no luck) Try to contact me iRC. I postrayus help. At the same time, and for Temko article may be found)

Everything can now create databases, virtualhosty and begin to sculpt their sites on popular CMS.

Do not expect that this article is finished materials about LAMP. Ahead of us expect many more articles about how to configure and administer a web-server on Debian / Ubuntu.