bz2 and .gz logs. How to work with them

I remember myself, I read the compressed logs. Thanks to good colleagues who snitched on the head)

Once I unpacked them and then Grepan read, Parsis, etc. etc. All kurёznost situation that just today I saw a question in the IRC – and how to facilitate the whole process.
For the packed gzip through logs (.gz) is the following:
zcat zdiff zgrep zmore zless
For packaged through bz2 logs:
bzcat bzdiff bzgrep bzless bzmore
Oh, and for zip:

Enter the console or the letter z letter bz and press 2 times pi – can find something for themselves new and useful.

All the teams know how all the same thing as their “normal” brethren. -rn, pipes, and etc. etc.

I Hope I helped someone)