FreeBSD + Jails ultimately not

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I was gone to wear my server on FreeBSD and replace the virtualization by a system of jails. Installation is simple, including any page on-site applications as well as tutorials to fill the missing parts, such as the network configuration.

If all this is almost done the fingers in the nose, I’m quickly struck to a weight problem: the inability to operate the jails with a virtual network. Basically all your jails are in bridge (in true this is an alias) on your main interface, which can cause trouble in several cases:

Your server has a public IP (unique, impossible to a bridge/alias)
Your router is a Livebox which refuses to redirect to blind a port to an IP (she absolutely wants a PC she knows on the network)

Virtual network functionality seems to be in development but requires patches on OS so that a tedious configuration… on the forums we learn also that there are leaks memory (one speaks of an experimental feature, it should be remembered).

Since I have a Livebox router, find it me impossible to redirect external ports to the jail. So my plan falls into the water, it only remains for me to turn to a Linux + LXC solution that seems more permissive on this point.

FYI, the compilation of FreeBSD in full on an AMD Geode (500 Mhz) takes approximately 20 hours.