FreeNAS + dlna (BBox)

I store my data on a home server that runs on FreeNAS. It is equipped with two drives of 1 TB members of a ZFS pool in mirror mode. Access is via a sharing SMB solution because the majority of the access is done from a Windows PC (but it is also possible under Linux with smb: / /).

The BBox features a media player that is supposed to be able to read the contents of the NAS. But base that doesn’t, my SMB share is not visible. After a little research on the web I discovered that it does that with the dlna, basically it is a standard that provided to several components for broadcast content on a home network. But FreeNAS does not offer the possibility to dlna server. Fortunately, it is possible with a plugin.

FreeNAS must be configured and have internet access. We will not process the establishment of shares and storage of data. In the example I store my movies in/mnt/DATA/movies.
Configure the jails

FreeNAS is well-designed, it uses FreeBSD jails to hold its plugins 🙂 should therefore begin by configure them. Go to Jails > Configuration. Enter a path for storing the jails, in my case I put/mnt/DATA/jls. For the network part make sure that it is the same as the one used. For example if your NAS has the IP, you can specify a start address of and an end address of Pay attention to the availability of these addresses (they are allocated in static, not through DHCP).
Installing the dlna plugin

Go to Plugins and select “DLNA / UPnP” from the list. Click on “Install”.

After a few seconds, the plugin is installed.
Dlna plugin configuration

We’ll have to see two points:

The plugin being in a jail, it does not have access to the data, so set a mount point.
It should be in the plugin where to find the media

Go to Jails > dlna_1 > storage > Add Storage. In Source type/mnt/DATA/movies (where the films are stored). In Destination specify/mnt (the location in the jail where will appear films).

Go to Modules > MiniDLNA. Options to add:

Friendly Name: FreeNAS (or otherwise, it is the name that will be visible on the network)
Media directory: / mnt (corresponding to the defined mount point previously)
Check Rescan it (re) start


Now on the Modules page, you can switch the switch on it for MiniDLNA 😀

To use a device or software capable of viewing the DLNA devices. A fact BBox case, but you can also use an android application to test: D if you detect your device “FreeNAS” while having the opportunity to see the top films, it won 🙂

Good viewing!