How to enable a server SSH access dedicated VPS?

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What is SSH?

The SSH (Secure SHell) is a protocol allowing you to have full access – via a management SSH console – to your virtual dedicated server.

This protocol allows you to especially manipulate and edit your files and folder, turn on / restart / turn off your services, install software, manage rights on your server etc…

It is managed a private and public key system. It allows you to secure information that pass through this.

How to enable the SSH protocol on my server dedicated VPS?

1. go in your customer area LWS Panel topic dedicated server

2. click on Change password SSH

How to enable a server SSH access dedicated VPS?

An SSH key is then sent to you by email

2 remember to check if the port of the FireWall is open for port 22 which is the default port.

3. If it is open you can you now connect in SSH on the server.

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Why is SSH access blocked by default?

We have decided to block access to SSH on our turn-key dedicated servers packages, in order to avoid any improper handling that could cause malfunction on your server.

Our formulas are sold turnkey, it means that they are optimized according to the use for which they were created and have normally no need to be a specialist to take advantage fully.

Included with our formulas web administration panel allows you to fully manage your services from a simple browser, which is more intuitive for beginners and involves no risk for the server (you can not for example delete a configuration file necessary for the proper functioning of the server via this panel).

Thus, access to SSH is logically necessary for more than 99% of the customers.