How to install teamspeak on Debian Linux dedicated server?

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What is that Teamspeak?

TeamSpeak is proprietary software of audio conferencing over the Internet (voice over IP). It allows to discuss several channels, with other users. To use TeamSpeak, each person must have installed on his computer a special application (client). With the latter, it can connect to thousands of servers TeamSpeak and enter into a discussion room. The audience by TeamSpeak is essentially gamers, who can use the software to communicate with the other players of the same team, in multiplayer games. Communicating by voice gives an undeniable advantage in competition, allowing the players to keep his hands for the action in the game.
Should what ports I open?

Default voice (UDP) port: 9987
Default port (TCP) filetransfer: 30033
Default serverquery (TCP) port: 10011
Default tsdns (TCP) port: 41144

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Is TeamSpeak possible in all formulas?

TeamSpeak is possible from the dedicated server VPS M.

How to download Putty?

You can download Putty here
How to download Teamspeak?

You can download Teamspeak here
How to install Teamspeak with Putty?

1. launch the Putty software (Root access are in the mail containing your access to Ispconfig)

2. Enter the Ip of your server VPS ( and click Open

How to install teamspeak on Debian Linux dedicated server?

3 write on the first line: root

Login as: root

4 enter the Super Administrator password (to paste a password it should make right click on the box and then press enter)’s password: your password

5. you must create a user (in the example the user will be server)

adduser Server

6. choose the password for your user (server)

Adding user “Server”…
Adding new group ‘server’ (1000)…
Adding new user ‘server’ (1000) with the group “Server”…
Creating home directory “/ home/server”…
Copy files from ‘/ etc/skel’…
Enter new UNIX password:

7. Enter the server-related information

Is this information correct? [Y/n] O

8 identify you with this user and place you in its file

Su Server

9. download the archive needed to install the server


10 unzip the archive

tar – xvzf teamspeak3-server_linux-amd64 –

11. rename the folder

MV teamspeak3-server_linux-amd64 teamspeak3

12 places in the Teamspeak 3 directory

CD teamspeak3

13 start the server

./ start

14 Please note the information you get with the command at the top! (You will get them only once!)

15. so the server will automatically restart to reboot your dedicated server (or vps), create a crontab:


16 copy the following line at the bottom of the file, do not forget to register with Ctrl + O

@reboot cd/home/server/teamspeak3 &./ start

17. now launch Teamspeak

18 click Connections, and then click Connect

How to install teamspeak on Debian Linux dedicated server?

19. in the “Server Address” box, enter the ip of your dedicated server (

How to install teamspeak on Debian Linux dedicated server?

20. in your connection you are asked your Token (you got in step 12)

How to install teamspeak on Debian Linux dedicated server?

21. This is your teamspeak is ready you can now create and edit channels.