Retour sur Debian GNU/kFreeBSD dans une jail FreeBSD

In a previous article I have summarized how to install Debian GNU/kFreeBSD Wheezy in a jail FreeBSD 10 and indicated that I had migrated the server hosting my blog: Debian GNU/kFreeBSD + IPv6. Here’s a small feedback on Debian GNU/kFreeBSD, I’ll call kfreebsd because it is more runs.

First of all it is better to use the branch Jessie and not Wheezy because there are a few annoying bugs like OpenSSH which does not less than duty to not hurt of hacks on the host. In addition branch Jessie kfreebsd is developed on a FreeBSD10 kernel, so that for Wheezy is a FreeBSD8, ensures therefore theoretically better compatibility.

Maniatux running on a FreeBSD jail with nginx and php_fpm compiled from the ports. Following the passage in kfreebsd, with always nginx php5-fpm from apt – get, I noticed a display of my pages performance decline, and an increase in the load average on my server. It is very small but still significant use. The top command seems to indicate it’s php5-fpm, which is the most greedy of all, the version provided by debian is probably not the same as in the ports.

About the top command, the indicator of ram usage seems more reliable with jails under kfreebsd. For example if I run htop in my jail kfreebsd, it tells me that the system uses 120 MB of ram. If I install htop directly on the host and executes it, it indicates that ~ 30 MB. In jail kfreebsd is not clear using df because it must run a command to extract the information in/proc/mounts, and the result is not always optimal.

If we put aside these few points, my impression is rather positive. Debian (Bill) did a super job with its operating system on FreeBSD, and this has not been done to va soon. There’s really a follow-up support and this proves once more that Debian is a reference distribution.