Installing FreeBSD 9 beta1 in pictures

FreeBSD has been officially recorded in Beta 1 yesterday (see announcement). It brings better performance at the level of the file system with to make unnecessary the fsck, it offers a new installer, a new bootloader, GCC will eventually be replaced by LLVM for problems of licences, and many other improvements that I let you discover.

My impressions are rather good, everything seems to go faster than before, and the installation is simplified. I propose a sequence of screenshots showing the process.

Before the installation CD and Live CD were provided on two different ISO, which was not practical. Now, it is more the case.

Much fewer choices than before, but it is on the installation CD, not DVD. And it is possible subsequently to launch the sysinstall menu and add the sets.

This page corresponds to the “manual” option. But the “Guided” choice gives the same thing except that it offers a partitioning scheme to apply. By selecting “auto” it gets the same thing.

The network configuration is done fairly quickly. You are asked if you want to use ipv4, then the DHCP. Then the ipv6.

And now, the installation is already complete.