The adventure of a server running on NetBSD #2

Currently I no longer have access to the root of my server account. I have disabled root login in SSH and has authorized a certain user account. Except that this user is not in the wheel group and is therefore not the right to execute su…

This is one of the major differences with the GNU/Linux environment: everything must be done either-same, the system is only to obey to the administrator, and must control everything. A remarkable way to learn, through the intensive RTFM.

The community is also very different. Although this may seem a bit pretentious, I sometimes feel big doubts towards the forum ubuntu-fr. Many heavy users who know everything without knowing, which are ready to revolutionize the world of business with ideals, and especially to banish the evil Windows. Yes, because many Linux distributions do not have intended to make a good system, but to overcome the Microsoft empire. The NetBSD universe is radically different since one has to do to a system that was really not intended to host rebel Windowsy. And the Community (especially on IRC) is very mature and expert. Learn why Windows is bad, ask about Ubuntu-fr. Learn why NetBSD is good, ask about #netbsd.

NetBSD is designed to be excellent, to satisfy a need, not to crush the competition. Blame NetBSD appearance off-putting it is Miss the interest of the system. Solutions, no. hacks.