Assembly package for IP tables

To start the source package iptables have to unpack. We will consider the package iptables 1.2.6 a 2.4 series kernel. Unpack as usual, the command bzip2-cd iptables-1.2.6a.tar.bz2 | tar-xvf-(unpacking, you can do away with tar-xjvf iptables-1.2.6a.tar.bz2). If the decompression was successful, then the package will be placed in the directory iptables 1.2.6 (a). For more information you can refer to the iptables 1.2.6 a/INSTALL, which contains detailed information on assembling and installing the package.

Next, you must verify that the kernel modules and options. The steps described here will only affect “patches” overlay (patches) for nucleus. In this step, we will install the updates, which are expected to be included in the core in the future.

Some of them are still in the experimental stage and imposition of these patches may not be always justified, but some of them are extremely interesting functions and actions.

Perform this step, typing the command (of course, having a root user)

make pending-patches KERNEL_DIR =/usr/src/linux/

Variable KERNEL_DIR should contain the path to your kernel source code. This is usually/usr/src/linux/. If the source you are elsewhere, then you must specify its path.

Here are some updates and additions, which definitely will be part of the kernel, but a little bit later, but right now we’ll take it from here by typing:

make the most of-pom KERNEL_DIR =/usr/src/linux/

In the above command you will be prompted for confirmation to update each section of what in the world is called the netfilter patch-o-matic. To install all “patches” of the patch-o-matic, you need to run the following command:

make patch-o-matic KERNEL_DIR =/usr/src/linux/

Be sure to carefully read the help for each “patch” before you install anything, because some “patches” can prove to be incompatible with the other, and some-when imposing even ruin the engine.

You can even skip the kernel upgrade, in other words unnecessarily in this update is not, however, the patch-o-matic has a really interesting update, and you may well be tempted to look for them. Nothing bad will happen if you run these commands and see what upgrades are available.

After the upgrade, you will need to recompile your kernel with the newly installed updates. Do not forget to try configuring the kernel, since updates are likely to be turned off. In principle, you can wait for the compilation of the kernel until you finish installing the iptables.

Continuing to build iptables, run the command:

make KERNEL_DIR =/usr/src/linux/

If the build process are having any problems, you can try to resolve them yourself, or contact the Netfilter mailing list where you will be able to help. There you will find explanations, what could be done you wrong during installation, so that you do not panic. If this does not help, try to think logically-perhaps it will help. Or refer to the familiar “guru”.

If all went smoothly, then consequently you are ready to install executables (binaries), and then run the following command:

make install KERNEL_DIR =/usr/src/linux/

I hope that this is not a problem! Now to use package iptables you definitely need to recompile and reinstall the kernel, if you haven’t already done so. For more information on installing the package you will find the INSTALL file.