CentOS read the original Windows partition

First, when the system is installed, you must make sure you install Windows, and then install Linux, otherwise Windows will not be available from their file system;
Second, after installing the Linux system, you may want to read the original Windows system disk contents, you need to install the NTFS-3G tool in Linux system, without having to manually mount the disk system (Centos7).
Third, install NTFS-3G: you can use yum directly, after the installation, you can see in the document directory disk contents, the reason why Linux cannot see the original disk, main is NTFS format is not recognized, after the tool is installed, you will find other disk as USB flash drive, you can safely remove, there is a Removable Devices in the right corner of the system.
yum search ntfs-3g
Install NTFS-3G (-y installation no longer identify with, direct installation)
Four, if you need to mount, how to mount, first use fdisk-l to view the disk partitions, and locate the mounted disk name. Fdisk commands require root privileges.
Use the mount command mounts, NTFS-/
Uninstall using umount command
Note: for ease of maintenance, can take create a directory under the/mnt directory management to mount disk