Review and testing of VPS VULTR.COM

At the request of the visitors of the blog hosting VDS, conducted a study on the So much so that for a long time nothing is tested. And here is drawn very interesting variant of both money and productivity and by geographic location.
Prices start at $ 5 United States. That at the time of this writing, fit into the definition of Low and did not exceed 200 rubles a month.
VDS servers prices
Vultr.COM hosting features
On servers installed SSD drives and Intel processors operating at a frequency of 3 Ghz. Your virtual server you can place in one of 14 data centers worldwide. At your disposal the convenient Control Panel server. The ability to install multiple operating systems from pre-existing images, including Windows and from their own ISO images. Naturally full ROOT access and dedicated IP address. Activating the server for 60 seconds. -KVM virtualization system. opportunities
Billing control panel
All of the control panel and billing samopisnoe and unique. Contains all the features of virtual server management.
VPS billing
Server Control Panel
Synthetic testing results UnixBench
Learn more about testing read herehow to run the test utility UnixBench server performance.
The results are amazing. At the same price from server competitors in 2 times.
Performance VPS
In previous reviews the value of minimum UnixBench configurations of virtual servers rarely exceeds a value of 1000. So start from
Server configuration for testing
For tests will use a virtual server to the minimum configuration for 5 USD per operating system CentOS? 32 6.5 with the latest updates and standard set for hosting:
Web: Nginx/Apache + mod_ruid2
Dns: Bind
MAIL: Exim/Dovecot/ClamAV/Those Of SpamAssasin/RoundCubeMail
DB: MySQL/phpMyAdmin
Site for testing
Wrote more than once that synthetics do not respond to the central question, how quickly will load the site pages in a browser window real visitors. So will make a research on the real site.
As a test I will use this blog. It works on MaxSite CMS and contains more than 200 publications. Average attendance of more than 1500 people per day at the 2000 trials. The most visited page: Detailed instructions on how to install and configure the satellite dish Telekarta, visited more than 200 times a day. Weight of pure html code of the page is 76 KB and the total volume together with images1.5 MB.
MySQL database size across the site2.5 MB, total weight of the site with all the picture files46 MB.
The number of simultaneous connections during peak hours is about 30.
New server for clarity will give the name of the primary domain:
Server availability from Russia
As written above, the servers can be placed in one of the 14minute data centers worldwide. I chose a site in Amsterdam (Netherlands/Holland). Ping from Volgograd looks like this:
C: > ping
Roundtrips with with 32 bytes of data:
Reply from bytes = 32 time = 76ms TTL = 58
Reply from bytes = 32 time = 76ms TTL = 58
Reply from bytes = 32 time = 76ms TTL = 58
Reply from bytes = 32 time = 78ms TTL = 58
Ping statistics for
Packets: sent = 4, received = 4, lost = 0
(0% loss)
Approximate round-trip time in milliseconds:
Minimum = 76msek, maximum = 78 MS, Average = 76 Ms
Normal readings for servers located in Europe. Ping to Moscow would be about 40 MS, and the average in Russia about 100 Ms.