CentOS7 minimum installation and subsequent software installation


Install CentOS


Download which package is not important, but performing a minimum installation, all the same. If you are considering configuring alocal yum sources, everything that can be downloaded to install the package.
Installation process is not too simple, able to Baidu
Install a desktop environment


Minimal install of CentOS does not provide desktop environment, and a lot of instruction is not the same, so I turned to the Internet a lot 6. X tutorial is basically useless.
I load the Xfce4, behind all this is any guide. KED and Gnome is too big, I have a small bit of fever.
Following are the specific steps
Be sure to! Must be connected! Must be connected!
1. installing additional yum sources


# yum install epel-release


2. install the x Window System


# yum groupinstall “X Window System”


3. installing Xfce4


# yum groupinstall Xfce


4. install Chinese fonts and input methods if you don’t like watching Chinese forced high enough, you can skip. But it can be Chinesebecomes a frame in a Web page, but may become garbled or still appear in English, later said.


# yum install cjkuni-ukai-fonts


I follow the tutorial here, the big brother eye picked up a italics! My aesthetic is collapsing, and inside the bag in fact Adobe‘s words will be much better.


# yum search fonts


Pick the one you like, if you don’t understand, that‘s below in italics, change.


Ibus pinyin input method is ibus platform. (Well, and input method input method platform concept)


# yum install ibus
# yum install ibus-libpinyin
# yum install ibus-gtk2
# yum install ibus-gtk3
# yum install im-chooser
# yum install gtk2-immodule-xim
# yum install gtk3-immodule-xim


5. wash people always want to have a little in awe of. Run startxfce4 to your desktop. Start with the following, get ready for the nextwave.
Reinstall the software


If you think Linux is to the following at the command line to force GE to high, then why did you see here! Your desktop environment.Now that we‘ve installed desktop, easy, then the basic software, or have a desktop doesn’t work. Because the Xfce don’t even give you acommand line.!


If the boot did not enter the graphical interface, don’t worry; if you boot into a graphical interface, please exit. On the command line andstay a while.


CTRL+ALT+F1 enter the graphical interface
CTRL+ALT+F2~6 into the command line


About so few tools to install is simple, excellent effects 1. Console: Xfce-Terminal good 2. Browsers: Firefox, chrome, and recommendFirefox because chrome to a separate source distribution 3. Compression software: file-roller 4. Software management: Yum Extender 5.Text editor: gedit, if you‘ve used VIM (impossible) when I said 6. Sound card drivers, if you need it


And a variety of development environments themselves, some kind of play to this end. Specific installation command asked Baidu.
Problem summary


All operations require the Internet, if you don’t have a network that you need to configure local yum, but many software may not have.If yum connection timeout, mostly without an Internet connection.
If network card network card not open the edit/etc/sysconfig/network-script/ifcfg-$ using the root account, modify the ONBOOT=yes
/Sysconfig/network-script/ifcfg-$ network adapter
Press the I
Arrow keys to control the cursor change
Press ESC
X by colons : x
If the Terminal is not Chinese, you need to modify configuration files, good trouble. I installed it again, my first language support, thenfill the desktop. Without a close look at wiki, not sure what is the problem, or it may be the first time you start Desktop installed beforethey can. Desktop installed I was immediately launched, so it is not clear.
If not itself after boot into the desktop or the command line. Executive systemctl set-default graphical.target. And then restart.


Software installation of the software itself. And win is indeed trouble, yum can try to use it. In General, extracted the software, then seethe README or INSTALL files, which usually have introduced, conventional installation is./configure,make,makeinstall. Baidu‘s on otherissues, situations are complex and diverse.