How to install pomelo in CentOS

Windows, centOS is installed on the virtual machine, but also due to version problems.
First install Linux binary node of the latest version and NPM instal, what a bunch of null pointer wrong Ah, V8 all kinds of wrong,
In short is an error when compiling c++, then download the source code to compile node (download-> unzip->./configure->make->make install)
When you make mistake, error and pomelo is installed wrong, see a warning saying C++ compiler version too old, at least 4.8,
Then go to C++ compiler upgrade (Internet search)
Make C++ compiler really need long
After the upgrade is successful, continue compiling nodejs, No module named bz2
Web method, you must first install the bz2, and then reinstall the Python
Compiling nodejs, succeeded. And then make install to install, source of/etc/profile, then the environment is OK
NPM install if you do not have permission to prefix sudo
When I first installed the pomelo failed, install some dependencies tab for a long time, do not know whether the network reasons, and then open a VPN to reinstall, everything is normal.