Centos Nload monitor network card flow method

NLoad is a very useful traffic monitoring tools, functions are also very strong. you can monitor the network traffic in real time, Incoming,Outgoing in two parts, which flows in and out of traffic. While statistics of the current, average, minimum, maximum, and value of the total flow, people look at a glance

First of all install Nload the software, I use the source package to install, Nload currently the latest version is 0.7.4 the following are steps.

Upon successful installation, execute the following command:

You can see real-time traffic conditions.

The default first line is the name of the network card and IP information, use the keys on your keyboard to switch cards.Default is top Incoming flow into network cards; Default Outgoing network card flow below; By default the right (Curr current flow), (Avg average flow), (Min minimum flow), (Max max), (Ttl traffic statistics);

There are many parameters you can use, see parameters help command:/usr/local/nLoad/bin/nLoad – help


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View the network card eth0 traffic