Solve the inode under CentOS frequently off line

Recently assigned to a network server, after installing your centOS7.2 log on Linux iNode certification provided by the school, the result dropped about two hours, troubleshoot problems that you think about iNode client itself, and to find a third-party client instead of iNode H3C, no drop is the case at present. Report settlement process under.

YaH3C was created by Sun Yat-sen University Maple H3C 802.1x-compatible client, please see the project home page for more information:

You first need to download the client, you can use git or offline download (Note: all the following commands are operated under the root account)

If prompted when the installation package could not be found, please update the package list:

Offline installation: download YaH3C: (official download) unzip the file inside the folder to the main document folder (/home/username you), and renamed YaH3C.

The difference between two versions: git version with the author to modify client modifications of its own schools, may not apply to other schools, if not you can download an offline version.

After the installation is complete, run the YaH3C to add account:

And then follow the prompts to enter your user name, password, network devices (network adapters, the default is eth0, such as NIC inconsistent need to fill in the actual network card names, such as my server would need to be changed to the em1):
Password to enter it twice, for security reasons, does not appear as you type, just input. If you accidentally configured wrong account before you can delete a profile

And then reconfigure and directly run yah3c again, select the add a new user, re-add the user configuration error, the new user information will cover the previous error message. You can also modify the configuration file directly.

After you complete the account configuration, you can then do

To select an action, options for adding authentication account and select an account, and enter the number before the number, select the appropriate action. You can also perform

Certification directly select an account (provided that the account information is already set).