How to create multiple SVN repository on centos

OcentOS creates multiple SVN repository

SVN server repository has two formats,



After the SVN repository to upload files, upload the files are no longer stored in a file format, but SVN formats compressed into a repository with its custom data stored in the repository.

If it is FSFS format, the data stored in the repository’s DB directory, revs and revprops respectively each time you submit information of different data and log

12, if you want to use SVN as a service: in/etc/rc.d/init.d/directory, create a new file named SVN and set permissions for 755:.d/init.d/SVN editing the svn files:/RC.d/init.d/SVN, add the following code inside:

Can service SVN after start (restart/stop) start as SVN. Access through Web svn has many methods, see Configure the WebSVN or configuration bsSvnBrowser