Centos – use ssh denyhosts to prevent attacks

Nothing in http://Dag.Wieers.com/home-made/apt/packages.php today to see a software denyhosts, just to solve this problem. To install a package in order to use yum directly taking on the Dag: wget http://ftp.belnet.be/packages/dr … 2.2.el4.rf.i386.rpm rpm -ivh rpmforge-release-0.2-2.2.el4.rf.i386.rpm So you can use yum to install denyhosts: yum install denyhosts Then set: cp /usr/share/doc/denyhosts-2.2/daemon-control-dist /etc/init.d/denyhosts cp /usr/share/doc/denyhosts-2.2/denyhosts.cfg-dist /etc/denyhosts.cfg vi […]