Repelling DDoS using mod_evasive + firewall (CentOS, Red Hat)

Analysis of DDoS you can make sure your scripts, parse the logs. But it is better to provide this apańćevskomu mod_evasive. Set mod_evasive, in write DOSHashTableSize 3097 DOSPageCount 15 DOSSiteCount 15 DOSPageInterval 3 DOSSiteInterval 3 DOSBlockingPeriod 300 DOSSystemCommand “/usr/bin/sudo/usr/bin/fwban% s” DOSPageInterval-interval for a specific page hits DOSSiteInterval-interval for a particular vhost hits DOSPageCount-the number of […]

Installation (D) DoS-Deflate or DDoS (CentOS, Red Hat)

Protection from long DDoS attack on the software level. This is a free script with which you can get rid of school DDoS. The script uses the command “netstat” to detect ddos and flooding, following the discovery of the blocking Ah-wee addresses from where comes the attack makes it through the Firewall iptables or apf. […]