How to config VPS / VDS server for Debian & Ubuntu

I decided to write this article in order to gather all the information on this subject in one place. Many questions arise to optimize server. Tell you how I achieved the speed of page loading for 0.013 seconds. So. We have a clean Debian or Ubuntu. We will install and configure: Apache 2 PHP 5 […]

how to Prevents users SSH access to Debian 7

Today to me one of my blog readers with the question: “How can restrict individual users SSH access?”. The author of the question read my notes about setting up server components for Linux and have found information on the forced ban users to connect via SSH. Let me remind you, by default, each user has […]

How to install teamspeak on Debian Linux dedicated server?

Speak Clear All What is that Teamspeak? TeamSpeak is proprietary software of audio conferencing over the Internet (voice over IP). It allows to discuss several channels, with other users. To use TeamSpeak, each person must have installed on his computer a special application (client). With the latter, it can connect to thousands of servers TeamSpeak […]

How to know the temperature of the CPU, VGA card and motherboard on Ubuntu and Debian

Sometimes it is necessary to know the temperature of the CPU, graphics card or motherboard at the moment. In Ubuntu / Linux to do this is quite simple. So, first install the package lm-sensors. This is done so  

After that, the utility must define the device to correctly display the temperature, CPU voltage […]

how to Debian – install ftpd, vtpd, vsftpd at the Very fast way.

Sorry, that long ago wrote nothing. Work and experiments with virtualization can be time-consuming. So far nothing new and special constructions, only made some conclusions that will write the final article about KVM. And now, perhaps, I will write how to quickly set up an FTP server on Debian/Ubuntu. Way to really fast and does […]

Debian + KVM or Xen. We order the KVM virtualization via ssh with comfort.

Summer. Tired of sitting at the computer, I decided to relax and walk-Skate more. Spam from monitorilok for Android-phone falls regularly. Hard Klava beloved Zevsika from tomorrow will always be with me. (ugh-ugh-ugh). The sin in this situation do not use ssh client on your phone with a keyboard and 3 g for VDSkami control. […]

how to Installing nginx on Debian linux

Everything is configured, and then displays the string   ./configure: error: the rewrite module HTTP requires the PCRE library. You can either disable the module by using–without-http_rewrite_module option, or install the PCRE library into the system, or build the PCRE library statically from the source with nginx by using–with-pcre = option.   You need […]

How to install and config MongoDB DATABASE on Debian and Ubuntu

Now its popularity is gaining the MongoDB DATABASE. Philosophy The authors started from the need of specialization databases so that they were able to move away from the principle of “one size under it.” By minimizing the semantics for transactions appears to address a range of problems associated with a lack of performance, and horizontal […]

Debian – Configure nginx + apache bundle

If you are the administrator of the web server, then sooner or later the question of costs optimization of system resources consumed by apache. Specificallywe have a desire to give the files without processing them using apache. The solution is to install bundlesapache + nginx, nginx is where as the front-end forapache.   Both will […]

HOWTO: debian configure network

How do I set up your network. Provider: Jsc “Volgatelecom“ Internet (ADSL) Modem: Huawei MT880 Officers threw a wire up to my apartment, in a room to me. Put a phone socket for inserting RJ11 connector. Then connected the splitter into the wall going into the set with the modem to the splitter connected the […]