how to Installing nginx on Debian linux

Everything is configured, and then displays the string   ./configure: error: the rewrite module HTTP requires the PCRE library. You can either disable the module by using–without-http_rewrite_module option, or install the PCRE library into the system, or build the PCRE library statically from the source with nginx by using–with-pcre = option.   You need […]

Debian – Configure nginx + apache bundle

If you are the administrator of the web server, then sooner or later the question of costs optimization of system resources consumed by apache. Specificallywe have a desire to give the files without processing them using apache. The solution is to install bundlesapache + nginx, nginx is where as the front-end forapache.   Both will […]

Protect folders in Nginx

When using Apache, usually to protect the directory we often use .htaccess and htpasswd files… However, Nginx does not support htaccess. You take a look the HTTP Basic Authentication tutorial below to make protected directories in Nginx. The goal Protect the directory the server is, configuration file 1. create the file with […]

Guidelines for speeding up the Nginx web server with Pagespeed

Nginx itself it was a performance of web server works very well. However, there are ways to optimize more and one of them is to use the modules to be developed by Google called PageSpeed (ngx_pagespeed) ngx_pagespeed ngx_pagespeed speeds up your website and reduce the time to load dramatically by automatically applying the techniques to […]

Konfigurieren Nginx HTTP auf HTTPS umgeleitet

Derzeit ist die Nachfrage nach Sicherheitsprotokoll SSL für Websites sind sehr beliebt, weil Google hat die Bedeutung der Rangliste für diese Website erhöht. Nach der Installation des SSL-Erfolg, wie man alle HTTP auf HTTPS-URL aus dem nginx umleiten Sie bitte diesem Artikel beziehen sich offline. Bearbeiten nginx-Konfigurationsdatei (nginx.conf) oder wenn hzserver verwendet, um nginx php-fpm […]