How to Create a pagefile/swap (CentOS, Red Hut)

First let’s check how much swap space is available in our system: # swapon-s To run free: # free After we learned that the swap space we don’t have, let us find out how much free space there is on your hard drive. To do this, use the command: # df-h I have a server […]

How to create swap for VPS VULTR

If your VPS has not enough ram (memery) for web service , you need create Swapto make website more smoothly. This post will show you how to create swap in VULTR VPS  and how to config swappiness value to make your vps server has more performance. How do I add swap? To add 1GB of […]

Как добавить своп на Ubuntu 14.04 on VULTR VPS

Введение Один из самый простой способ повышения оперативности вашего сервера и защита от ошибок нехватки памяти в приложениях необходимо добавить некоторые пространства подкачки. Своп — это область на жестком диске, который был назначен как место, где операционная система может временно хранить данные, он больше не может занимать в оперативной памяти. В принципе это дает вам […]

Swap file creation Guide 6 on CentOS

In the previous post I wrote detailed instructions how to create a swap file on Ubuntu, on CentOS, the operation is similar to that. Check the swap file Before proceeding to create swap file needs to check that the current system has created this file by running: swapon-s If no, what information demonstrate the server […]

Swap file creation guide on Ubuntu 12.04

Linux partition of random access memory (RAM) into memory partitions called pages (pages). To free up RAM, Linux can use swap to copy the page down hard. Linux swap enables the system with more memory. To ensure optimal server should not use swap with the normal hard drive, it’s best to use if the server […]