VPS – Dedicate Server VULTR Plans Price

Below is all VULTR’s packages,¬†bandwidth in Japan and Australia at least. Multicore plans and Storage plans only in Newyork –¬†New Jersey. The Price is showed in Monthly.

Popular SSD Cloud Server Plans

1768 MB15 GB1 TB5$0.007$
11 GB20 GB2 TB10$0.015$
22 GB45 GB3 TB20$0.030$
24 GB90 GB4 TB40$0.060$
48 GB150 GB5 TB80$0.119$
816 GB300 GB6 TB160$0.238$
1632 GB600 GB10 TB320$0.476$
2464 GB700 GB15 TB640$0.952$

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1512 MB125 GB1 TB5$0.007$
11 GB250 GB2 TB10$0.015$
12 GB500 GB3 TB20$0.030$
23 GB750 GB4 TB30$0.045$
24 GB1000 GB5 TB40$0.060$

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Dedicate Server Plans

28 GB120 GB10 TB60$0,089$
416 GB2 X 120 GB20 TB120$0.179$
624 GB3 X 120 GB30 TB180$0.268$
832 GB4 X 120 GB40 TB240$0.357$

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