Axel under CentOS installation tutorial

Iftop is a good network monitoring software that can use this software to monitor current network traffic and connections of the system, its installation and usage is very simple, suitable for Xen Virtualization, installing a standalone server (not installed under OpenVZ).
A, installing related components
yum -y install flex byacc libpcap ncurses ncurses-devel libpcap-devel
SSH execute the above command, install iftop dependent components.
Second, install iftop
yum -y install iftop
Fourth, the relevant instructions


TX: Send Traffic;
RX: receive traffic;
TOTAL: total flow;
Cumm: iftop flow during operation;
peak: peak flow;
rates: representing 2 seconds, 10 seconds, with an average flow of 40 seconds.

Hot key:

h: Help
n: switch the display IP hostname
s: whether to display local information
d: whether to display the remote information
N: switch port service name
b: the number of traffic when switching whether the graphic bar