Arch Linux coverage!!!

Canonical Ubuntu manufacturer and Microsoft already cooperate, let us experience the highly controversial Bash on Windows. Outside and this is mixed, many Linux users are questioning its usefulness, and further believe that Bash on Windows is a security threat.
Unix Bash through WSL (Windows Linux subsystem) featurewas ported to Windows. Previously, we‘ve shown after installing Bash in the Windows.


Canonical and Bash on Microsoft Windows is Ubuntu command line only, and is not the normal graphical user interface.


However, a good sign is the Linux enthusiasts began to invest time and effort in the WSL‘s results surprised even the original developer, and so on, is this really OK? ”。


This is gradually being achieved.


Arch Linux coverage!!! Arch Linux coverage!!!


Yes, as shown in the figure is running on Ubuntu Unity desktop in Windows. The name Pablo Gonzalez (GitHub ID Guerra24) programmers to the perfect realization of the. With this realization, he shows us the WSL have gone beyond the originalconcept of function.


If you can run Ubuntu in Windows subsystem Unity now, thenrun other Linux distributions will be far behind?


Arch Linux version of Bash on Windows
Full Linux distro to run locally on the WSL, sooner or later, is to be achieved. And all I want is Arch Linux (Antergoslovers click here).


Arch Linux coverage!!! Arch Linux coverage!!!


Hold, Hold, which is still in testing. It consists of mintxomat on the GitHub development, the latest version is 0.6. The first stable version will be released at the end of December of this year.


So, the project introduced what would be different?
You may already know, WSL is available only in the Windows10. But Windows Linux subsystem Arch Linux (AWSL) has had a successful run in Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows 8.1 and Windows Server 2012 (R2), and of course Windows 10.


Wow, how did they do that?!
Its developers have said AWSL Protocol abstract summarizesthe various frameworks of different Windows versions. So when AWSL release 1.0 will make greater achievements. As wehave mentioned before transplantation, the project will first launch Bash on Windows all versions of Windows.


The project is ambitious, and very interesting. If you can’t wait for the stable version of the end of December, you can first trythe beta. But remember, there is a developer previewrelease, it is not stable at the moment. But when do we stop tossing?


You can also view this project to GitHub‘s progress: Arch onWindows Subsystem


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