How to Install a Minecraft Server on VPS CentOS 6 VULTR

Install Minecraft Server on CentOS 6 x64

This article will guide you through the install and setup process for launching a Minecraft Server on a high performance SSD VPS at Vultr.


Install MineCraft Server

Login To Your New CentOS 6 1GB RAM VPS Server at Vultr and install Java 1.6.0 Open JDK

Once you have installed the JDK we should make a user to run your Minecraft Server under. This is for security purposes as it is not good practice to run a minecraft server as root!

Now lets change users and install Minecraft!

Congratulations, your Minecraft Server should now be up and running on your high performance SSD VPS Server!


To install on a 768MB VPS follow the same commands above but change the last java command to:

If you require more players(and thus more RAM) you can launch a larger instance and then simply subtract 256M from the amount of RAM your instance has allocated. For example a 4096 instance would launch with -XmX3840M -Xms3840M