1. see if your host supports PPTP, returns the result is Yes, which means that passed.   modprobe ppp-compress-18 && echo yes   2. turn the TUN, need to open the virtual machine host and returns the result as a cat:/dev/net/tun:File descriptor in bad state.Said.   cat /dev/net/tun   3. install the PPP, pptpd […]

CentOS 7 – installs and uses automated tools Ansible

Ansible is a type of Unix system development of free and open source configuration and automation tools. It is written in Python, similar to the Chef or Puppet, but there‘s a difference and advantage is that we do not need to install any client node. It uses SSH to communicate with node. In this article […]

CentOS7LVM logical partition automatic expansion Shell Scripting

Scenarios and known issues: Apply to CentOS6 or CentOS7 (possibly available on CentOS4 and earlier versions such as 5) The root file system (extended file system) use LVM to manage, such as the mount command output “/dev/mapper/vg_$hostname-lv_root on/type ext4 (RW)“ in the “Mapper“ keywords Automatic expansion of the root file system, if you want to […]

Configuring a mail server. Dovecot Postfix CentOS MySQL postfixadmin spamassassin clamav roundcube

Source data: Operating system: CentOS release 6.4. Installing Centos: Domain name: iptel.com.ua MX record: mail. iptel. com.ua PTR Record: Hostname: mail. iptel. com.ua IPv6 is switched off; in the/etc/hosts: mail fajlike. iptel. com.ua mail Let’s get started! To start obnovimsâ: yum update Install main packages: yum install dovecot dovecot postfix-mysql mysql-server Postfix MTA […]

Operation after installing CentOS 7.

For the selected server using CentOS Cloud 7 a minimal configuration, we recommend that steps should be taken to safety in the use. After the virtual build machine (cloud server) as follows: User management User: root is the root user will have after installing CentOS to bring in corrective action installation parts and as a […]