A failure of the server or how to find the problem (CentOS, RedHat)

Periodically I have the server failures occur, usually this failure occur from over dimensional loads or not properly balanced Web server settings.

Use the command


This command shows statistics on the consumption of resources (memory, network sockets, the number of open files, etc.) beyond the limitations.

Type of resource:
-System resources
-Disk resources
-Online resources

All of the resource settings:
Parameter Type Description
Basic settings (Main parameters)
numproc number of system processes and threads (threads)
numtcpsock system number of TCP sockets
numothersock system number of other socket (not TCP)
vmguardpages memory allocation Guarantee System
cpuunits CPU processing power VE
diskspace quota disk
rate Network bandwidth
ratebound network Whether network bandwidth is limited
Other settings
kmemsize nesvopirovaemoj Size nuclear system memory allocated for VE
tcpsndbuf system, the total size of the send buffer (TCP)
tcprcvbuf system, the total size of the receive buffer
othersockbuf system, the total size of the send buffer for UNIX Sockets, UDP, and other protocols, datagrams
dgramrcvbuf system, the total size of the buffers of reception for a UDP datagram protocols and other
oomguardpages system guaranteed size of memory if the memory over the pre-booked (out-of-memory kill guarantee)
privvmpages system memory allocation Limit
lockedpages system, processes have a Page that will not be svopirovany (pages locked by mlock (2))
shmpages system, the total size of the shared memory (IPC shared anonymous mappings and tmpfs)
physpages total number of pages the system memory (RAM) used by processes
numfile system the number of open files
numflock system the number of file locks
numpty system vtty
numsiginfo number of siginfo structures system
dcachesize system, the total size of dentry and inode structures locked in memory
numiptent system, the total size of the NETFILTER (iptables) rules
CPULimit processor CPU usage limit
diskinodes disk quota on the number of inodes
quotatime drive grace-period for disk quota
quotagidlimit drive on number of uid/gid user quota entries

Each parameter has two config variables:
Values for the barrier must not exceed the limit values

This is a short description of the parameters with a breakdown of their values.