Distribution Red Hat Enterprise Linux has been updated to version 7.1

According to a press release, appeared yesterday on the website of Red Hat, version of RHEL (Red Hat Enterprise Linux) 7.1 finally saw the light after eight months of development.

RHEL 7.1 – the first minor release of branches 7.x, the development of which was launched in June 2014. Cycle support releases of this branch is set at 10 years. Major changes in release 7.1:

    significant improvements in capabilities of the system in a heterogeneous environment, including the integration of the file system CIFS (Common Internet File System) with SSSD (System Security Services Daemon) to allow access to the native Windows services without using winbind;
    improvements in identity management (IdM), including support for one-time passwords in LDAP and Kerberos using software tokens FreeOTP, as well as hardware tokens from leading third-party manufacturers;
    new tools for developers, including those related to containers Linux.

A complete list of changes and improvements in RHEL 7.1 can be found on the portal users Red Hat. At the moment, the new release installation images are available for download to registered users only Red Hat Network.