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Connect to the VPS:

You will need to connect to the VPS using Remote Desktop Connection application in the Accessories folder under the Start Menu on your computer.

When you register for your VPS, you will receive an email with your login details and other information that you will need to enter the Remote Desktop Connection

VPS approach first:

Click StartaAll ProgramsaAccessoriesaCommunicationsaRemote Desktop Connection
Click Options
In the General tab, enter the IP address and username VPS
Click Connect, a piece of news appeared
Select the Do not ask me again for remote connections to this computer and click Connect. Monday news release appeared.
Select Do not show this warning again for connections to this remote computer and enter
Enter your username and password then select OK
Then a piece of log that appears, select OK again
Enter the new password you want to use and press OK

Once the remote connection is installed, a shortcut will appear on the desktop, from here you can access Remote remote easily.

You can also open Remote Desktop Connection by selecting Start and select Run, Run once the window is open, you run the command: mstsc

Move the file to VPS

If you have downloaded the autotrading strategies, such as expert advisor (EA) or other types of files to use in MetaTrader 4, you will need to transfer the files to your VPS before you install them .

Localities are programs that can automatically analyze market conditions and locations in the MetaTrader 4 trading based on criteria that you set. You may also need to move the scripts, custom indicators and other files. You can find more information about it in the user manual and MetaEditor GFT MetaTrader.

Click the Remote Desktop Connection shortcut on the screen
Click Options
Click on Local Resources and select More
Choose Drives and click OK
Click Connect
Once logged into the VPS, select Start and select My Computer
In other sections, verify that files available

If you do not see Local Drives on Start and then select Log off. Do not use the X button to close the program.
Installation of expert advice (EA) on VPS

When EA is transferred to you, you can install it on a VPS

If you have an executable file (exe). Or a mq4 file., Put it on the screen of VPS and contact Gdata, we can install it for you.
If you have.ex4 and dll files, you will need to place your files in the following locations:

• .ex4

C: \ Documents and Settings \ user \ Program Files (x86) \ MetaTrader4 \ experts

• dll files

C: \ Documents and Settings \ user \ Program Files (x86) \ MetaTrader4 \ experts \ library

Enable Expert Advisor (EA) in VPS

After they are installed, the EA professional advice you will appear in the folder in MT4 Expert Advisors. To activate it, you will first need to enable the expert advisor in MetaTrader 4 activities. Then, you can add it to a live histogram.

Remember, the EA button in the Standard toolbar to work for your EA work.

Log in to the Meta Trader 4
Click on Tools and select Options
In the Options window, select Expert Advirsors
Ensure that all options are selected, then click OK
Click where you want the EA Expert Advirsors folder and drag it into the chart. This will open a window parameters.
Allow live trading certainly is selected

You can verify whether the adviser has been attached to the chart by looking for one of the three icons in the upper right corner of the chart. A problem means that EA is attached and is actively working. Another program that the advisor is attached, but that deal directly disabled it. One is the means by which all expert advisors has been disabled.

To ensure optimal performance of the VPS, user downtime occurs on the first Friday of each month at 17:00 ET after the market closes. This maintenance will require all clients restart their advisors before the market open to ensure they are properly re-activated before trading records.
Thue VPS
Maintain VPS

After you install and use your VPS, you may need to manage it. In this section we will consider removing the EA and change your password.
Removing an expert advisor from VPS

You can remove an expert advisor (EA) from the graph by deleting its files and then right-click and select Delete from the chart drop-down menu.

Use an application such as Windows Explorer, navigate to C: \ Documents and Settings \ user \ Program Files (x86) \ MetaTrader4 \ Experts.

Delete the mq4. and related files. EX4 EA
In the MT4 terminal, right click and select Expert Advisors.
Down menu select Delete from the cursor
Logout and restart Meta Trader 4

Change password VPS

Over time, you may need to change your password VPS. You can do it from within the platform

While viewing VPS, select Ctrl + Alt + End
Click Change Password.

If a message that reads “The system can not change your password now because the domain is not available, ‘when you change the password, delete the IP address and username to school username.

Enter the old password and then confirm the new
When you’re done, click OK. This finish will send you back to the Windows Security window
Click Cancel and you will return to VPS

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