How to install ioncube loader in Lamp stack on VULTR VPS

IonCube on 32-bit systems

This section is for PHP installed on a 32-bit system (for example: spinning up LAMP on Ubuntu 12.04 from Applications).

If you don’t have a LAMP stack on your droplet, you can spin up a LAMP stack from our Applications:


First, you will need to download and extract the IonCube Loader PHP modules.

Then, you will have to copy the appropriate module to the PHP modules folder. To find that folder’s path, run the following command

You will get the following output:

Now you should copy over the module to your PHP modules folder:

You would then have to restart Apache2 or php5-fpm (if you’re using nginx) for the module to be loaded:

To ensure that the module was correctly installed, create a file called test.php in /var/www with the following content:

Once you have done that, navigate to http://your-droplets-ip-address/test.php. It should output “true”.

IonCube on 64-bit systems

If you have installed your own LAMP stack on a 64-bit Linux, you would need to download a 64 bit package:

You should proceed with same steps as outlined above.

And you are all done!

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