how to mounting ntfs debian

If you do not install ntfs-3 g
in a terminal with administrator privileges give the command:


There’s also create directory mkdir command/mnt/win
There’s also give him rights chmod 777/mnt/win


For single mounting NTFS in the Terminal administratorm


where t is the key which indicates what file system we connect
/dev/sda1 is mounted device
/mnt/win is the mount point


To automatically mount the device at startup:
as an administrator, open any text editor file fstab
giving the Terminal command


where the gedit text editor
in the opened file add

/dev/sda1    /mnt/win    ntfs-3g    umask=0,user,locale=ru_RU.UTF-8    0    0


umask = 0 for all 777 permissions.
userenables all users to mount file system
local = en_US.UTF8 locale determines in which you want to display the names of files